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About Entwined Studio

About Angie & Matt

Entwined began as a photograph captured by Matt. A knotty, beautiful old tree with entwined roots that caught his eye through the lens of his camera. And later, when Matt caught Angie’s eye, that photograph was hung in their apartment as a marker of their joined lives. The title of that photograph was Entwined.

When Matt, a freelance photographer, and Angie, a television and film producer started talking about opening a photography studio together they had only to look at their own wall to know instinctively what to name their new joint venture: Entwined.

It is important to us that your wedding day experience be as beautiful as your photos. With that in mind, we subscribe to a photojournalistic style. We do our best to blend into the background and capture your intimate moments as they happen. We don’t direct, order, or otherwise try to “orchestrate” your photo experience (unless you want us to). Who needs to feel rushed or stressed out? It’s your wedding day, all you should have to do is get married and have a great time.

We love working together. And we love weddings, celebrations, parties and the like so much we’ve made it our business.

Matt & Angie
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